About us

Office Times is a professional service vendor focused on elaboration of complex solutions aimed at creating comfortable and functional working space. Our assignment is to help organizations of various scales confidently conduct business using leased commercial property. We protect our clients from potential difficulties with the search and selection of premises, office space design planning, incorporation of appropriate terms and conditions into lease contracts, timely performance of project work etc.

Our core services

  • Pre-feasibility consulting – complex preparation stage to ensure effective project start-up.
  • Evaluation of commercial facilities – legal, technical, economic.
  • Project Management – project implementation control at all stages to ensure due timing, fulfilment of technical requirements, due budget performance and other aspects.
  • Construction control – inspection of technologic process quality, materials and equipment, work performance methods and techniques, qualification of staff and other issues.

Office Times can also effectively perform such assignments as:

  • Project design planning – architectural and engineering design planning including communications with authorities on further approval of design planning documentation.
  • Design concept development – creating office layout drafts and office design solutions.
  • Phytodesign – enhancement of working spaces by virtue of indoor plants.
  • Navigation/branding solutions for commercial premises.
  • Facilitation of office relocation notwithstanding the company employee headcount.
  • General Contractor Function at all stages of project implementation.
  • Professional Facility Management Function – settlement of day-to-day operational issues, prevention of disputes and other support functions.

Why us

Office Times are experts in the industry sector and that is confirmed by numerous successfully performed projects. You could always check out the set of project examples in our portfolio – we believe that is the best reference.

To date we managed to commission and put lots of office premises into operation in many cities of Russian Federation and we will further develop and expand our business presence. We welcome client requests from all regions – we are comfortable with any deadlines, budget limitations and project locations. Based upon its fit-out project expertise and tremendous professional background Office Times successfully transforms the project challenges into new opportunities for your business.

Our team consists of professionals who have long-term individual experience in implementing commercial property projects of various levels of complexity and who are in constant professional contact with trusted contractor organizations. Many of our projects could not be included into our portfolio however we have gained enormous experience in course of planning and implementation of those projects and have developed the competence to resolve any project issues at present.

Why we recommend complex approach

Creation of an ergonomic working space is a multi-level process which takes duly organized collaboration of a series of specialists to complete successfully. It is essential that the work of all the different specialists is appropriately coordinated as that is a substantial proviso for successful completion of the project in general. Therefore, it is advisable to engage one solely standing team of professionals who would be responsible for managing a complex set of functions.

For us, the team of Office Times professionals this is exactly the preferred approach to cooperation with the client, albeit that we are prepared to join the project at any stage. We had been convinced on a number of occasions that the complex approach – starting from the initial concept brainstorming all the way to commissioning into operation and facility management of the premises lead to best results.

If your office layout, office space reorganization or reconstruction plans are ready it’s time to materialize. We look forward to receiving your requests for services on our website, over the phone and e-mail contacts: we are always open to new ideas and propositions