Office projects, whether it is the renovation of an existing premises or the search and preparation of a new office, represent a chain of complex, responsible, multidimensional tasks, the solution of which requires a professional approach and, of course, significant time and material investments.

Pre-project consulting services are primarily aimed at quickly and effectively orienting the client in the scope and sequence of tasks on which the successful implementation of the project depends. Thanks to the consultations of the Office Times experts, the client receives an objective picture, which allows him to form realistic expectations regarding the timing of the project.

But consultations aimed at informing the client are far from the only solution within the framework of the pre–project consulting service. Our experts' long-term experience in project management and knowledge of the commercial real estate market allow us to assess the feasibility of the project and identify all possible solutions. Therefore, the most valuable result of this service is the optimization of operating costs, which allows the customer to save tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of rubles.

What does pre-project consulting include?

  • Discussion of the client's needs, assessment of the feasibility of the initial project idea, preliminary recommendations.
  • Discussion of possible solutions depending on the confirmed needs and resources of the client.
  • Consultations on the composition and sequence of project tasks, forecasting the timing and cost of the project.
  • Professional assistance in the implementation of the chosen solution, etc.
When developing recommendations, our experts take into account both the capital costs of the project and the operating costs in the medium and long term.