The technical customer is an organization or a person who performs the role of organizer, planner and manager of a construction project. All his actions are aimed at the successful implementation of the project by involving all interested participants in the course of the case, as well as coordinating and monitoring their actions throughout all stages.

The technical customer accompanies the entire investment and construction project during the full life cycle.

Objectives of the technical customer

Let's list the main goals in the work of the Technical Customer. There are only a few of them, but their achievement ensures the success of the entire project

Successful implementation of the project

To realize the investor's idea, to organize and control the entire complex of works with the greatest efficiency becomes the primary task of the technical customer. Since the signing of the contract, the fulfillment of a huge amount of approvals, negotiations, information analysis and control over the entire technological chain is a matter of honor and professional reputation of the technical customer

Risk reduction

It is necessary to comply with a set of measures to reduce construction risks during all stages of work. Modern risk management techniques ensure minimization of the negative consequences of unforeseen circumstances. Any forced changes in both pre-design preparation and design decisions and the course of construction and installation work are carefully analyzed to reduce the likelihood of negative consequences

Compliance with deadlines and quality of work

Control functions take up a significant share of the work of the entire technical customer team working on the project. Meeting deadlines for all stages, tracking the cost of expenses in a timely manner, and checking the quality of work being delivered is a daily imperative for many key employees

Achieving the planned targets

The technical-economic and technical-operational indicators included in the project literally turn out to be points of the law that are intolerant of negligence and connivance. Experts in each of the sections of the project must ensure compliance with the required characteristics. The timely completion of all stages of the design and construction process is one of the key tasks subject to regular monitoring

Types of services

The set of services performed by Office Times as a Technical Customer may be different and is compiled individually for each project. As a rule, after negotiations with the Developer, the list in the form of requirements is prescribed in the terms of reference

By assigning Office Times employees to perform the duties of a Technical Customer, the investor can fully or partially control the process. The degree of participation of the technical customer in the preparation and maintenance of the project may vary at different stages.

A partial involvement option is possible, for example, to collect initial permits (IRD), or to organize interaction with all authorities involved in the examination of design estimates.

In another case, OfficeTimes may be hired to organize and control construction, installation and commissioning works, up to the commissioning of the facility under construction.

The role of the technical customer

As an experienced organizer of the construction industry, OfficeTimes can fulfill the entire list of tasks of a Technical Customer. A team of experts and managers works with objects of any purpose: industrial buildings, housing complexes, office and shopping centers. The whole range of tasks is solved by the hands of professionals at all stages, from planning to preparation, management of construction works and commissioning of the facility.


An excerpt from the Definition of the Technical Customer contained in the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

In case of fulfillment of the full list of services of the technical customer, the company, under an agreement with the Developer, assumes, among other things, the functions of concluding contracts with all organizations involved in the process of preparatory work, design, construction. The technical customer bears the fullest legal and financial responsibility both to the investor/developer and to the supervisory authorities

Actions at different stages of the project

For a more accessible understanding, let's consider the activities of the Technical Customer at each of the successive stages of the implementation of an investment project in construction

Preparation for design work

Before the start of the design work stage, it is necessary to order and collect all the initial permits, certificates and approvals. Also, at the stage of pre-design preparation, the Technical Customer is faced with the need to analyze the received permits, perform a technical audit of the site of future construction, identify all restrictions on urban planning and suggest possible ways to overcome them.

Among the important concerns, it is necessary to determine the possibility of connecting the construction and future facility to engineering and transport networks.

After determining all the parameters of the planned object, its area, height and shape, analyzing the permits, the Technical customer prepares an urban planning plan and develops technical specifications. the design assignment.

The design stage

Upon completion of the described preparation, the technical customer prepares and conducts, together with the developer, a tender for the search for a design organization. After choosing a designer, an important share of responsibility is the correct development of contractual documents and the conclusion of contracts for design work.

At the design stage, the Technical Customer needs to focus on monitoring the timely and high-quality execution of the design, and ensure fruitful interaction between the Developer and the design organization.

Coordination of project documentation and support of its expertise

At this stage, the Technical Customer focuses on the coordination of the developed project documents in government organizations and examination bodies. If there is an option for non-governmental expertise, the Technical Customer needs to identify the appropriate organizations and conclude contracts for the performance of expert services.

If necessary, at the request of expert bodies, the Technical customer works out changes to the developed project with the design organization, after which he ensures the approval of the modified project documents in state bodies (Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of Emergency Situations and others).

Approval of project documentation in the examination bodies (Mosgosexpertize or in non-governmental expertise) and registration of these documents in the information database should be the logical conclusion of this stage of the Technical Customer's activity.

Preparation for construction work

The main activity of the Technical Customer at the preparation stage is the search for a contractor for construction work, which can be carried out both independently and together with the Investor.

According to the results of the tender, the Technical Customer ensures the execution of contractual documentation for general contractor work. Construction and financing schedules should also be among the documents being developed.

Among other concerns, there may be work on preparing the site for construction and providing it with electricity and water supply.

Finally, upon completion of this stage, the Technical Customer is obliged to take care of obtaining an official permit for construction

The construction stage

At the construction stage of the facility, the Technical Customer, depending on the degree of responsibility assigned to him by the Developer, can either manage the construction process as a General Contractor for construction works, or be in the role of an external supervisory authority verifying the actions of the General Contractor. In the last of these options, the Technical Customer will perform the function of Technical Supervision of construction. In any case, the following actions will be mandatory:
  • to control the receipt of equipment and construction materials;
  • to monitor the quality and volume of construction work performed by contractors for their compliance with the developed design and working documentation;
  • to control the quality of the materials used;
  • to monitor compliance with construction technology;
  • to control the executive documentation;
  • to accept completed works;
  • to check the estimates

One of the important responsibilities is to inform the Developer in a timely manner about the progress of the work, and especially in case of non-compliance with the work schedule for one reason or another, or if the estimated cost of the work is exceeded. It is also mandatory to prepare proposals to reduce the backlog and optimize work costs.

Commissioning of the facility

At this stage, the technical customer needs to prepare documents for the facility being put into operation in order to provide an acceptance commission. Together with the General Contractor, you will need to take part in quality checks and acceptance of erected or restored structures, which are formalized by the relevant acts of work.

As a result of the work performed, upon completion of all necessary inspections and receipt of the entire set of required documentation, an Act of commissioning of the facility is issued. The commissioned object can be transferred to an organization that will deal with its subsequent operation.

Managing the operation of the facility, its repair and reconstruction

If the relationship between the Developer and the Technical Customer is extended to this stage, then after the commissioning of the facility, the responsibilities of the organization operating the facility in compliance with all norms and requirements may be transferred to the Technical Customer.

These works can be carried out both with the involvement of third-party contractors, and by contacting organizations performing installation, construction and commissioning during construction and bearing warranty obligations to eliminate identified defects.


As experience shows, the success of the entire investment project largely depends on the effectiveness of the interaction between the Technical Customer and the Developer. At the earlier stages of pre-project preparation, our company's specialists are involved, the better the effect should be expected.

The cost of the technical customer's services

According to the order of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation dated June 2, 2020 No. 297/etc. "On approval of the Methodology for determining the costs of performing the functions of a technical customer", a fairly extensive list of tasks and functions of a technical customer can be identified. For example, Appendix No. 1 states that the list of functions that can be entrusted to a Technical Customer (more than 34 positions) includes responsibilities such as interaction with approving organizations, accounting, analysis and submission of executive documentation, as well as work described by the wording "other functions necessary to achieve the technical customer's objectives he has tasks in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation."

Based on this, the cost of services performed by the Technical Customer is determined individually, depending on the specific features of the project.

As a rule, it depends on such circumstances as:
  • the technical complexity of the project in question;
  • the scope of management, organization and control responsibilities assigned to the Technical Customer and the degree of his responsibility;
  • the stage of work at which the Technical Customer is connected and the actual complexity of the current situation, whether it is coordination, design or construction work;
  • the volume of work performed and the schedule of their implementation;
  • the intensity of the construction work carried out

As practice shows, depending on the set of duties performed, the cost of the Technical Customer's services can range from 1 to 9% of the estimated cost of construction of the facility.

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