Anti–crisis construction management is a set of necessary measures that will allow restarting an investment and construction project, analyzing changes in design estimates, renegotiating the project, solving problems to optimize business processes, selecting replacements for key engineering systems, solving organizational and technical issues with suppliers and contractors.

The problems faced by construction customers today:

Cost of materials

Nowadays, the rising cost of materials and equipment requires periodic review of the approved financing of the project.

However, experienced experts can always come to the rescue and determine the fairness of the requirements for increasing the estimate for construction work

Difficulties with the equipment

The withdrawal of foreign suppliers of engineering and technological equipment from the Russian market has challenged industry professionals.

But the accumulated experience makes it possible to cope with this challenge. You can always find proven techniques or combinations of solutions to realize the developed idea

Forced downtime

Technological chains can be disrupted if any contractor violates the agreements. Unpredictable circumstances of a completely different nature can arise and disrupt the work.

Qualified management is obliged to solve the problem quickly and minimize downtime

Logistical difficulties

The uniqueness of each project and the constantly changing conditions on the construction site can stump even seasoned managers.

But we have proven more than once that effective logistics is possible even when establishing cooperation with a large number of contractors

Review of contracts

Changes in contractual obligations between all project participants can be caused by both expected difficulties and unforeseen accidents.

It can be difficult to reconfigure the business process and give a second wind to a project, but it is quite possible for an experienced team to emerge victorious from a difficult situation more than once

Changes in the project

Making changes to the agreed project is possible even at the construction stage. The reasons for this may be different.

Even complex adjustments should not stop the progress of work. Corrections are being made, documents are being reconciled, and construction continues

The main goal of anti–crisis management of construction is to make all necessary efforts to continue the implementation of the investment and construction project.

The Times Office's Strategy for Crisis Management of Construction

To ensure the implementation of investment and construction projects in the current conditions, the Office Times company has developed special anti-crisis services that can stabilize the situation at construction sites, continue work and maintain the dynamics of the implementation of the investment and construction project.

Crisis management tools

The applied construction management tools allow you to perform and solve the following tasks:

Risk analysis

In difficult situations, it is necessary to obtain an operational analysis of all risks associated with completing an investment and construction project with engineering and technological equipment, as well as construction materials. There are such tools and we use them

Selection of equipment replacement options

The prevailing reality complicates actions, but should not stop the construction process. We can select and evaluate options for replacing engineering equipment in the project. Most of the used range of construction machinery and equipment has alternative sources of supply and adequate models of the same capacity and performance

Maintenance of changes in documentation

Even small changes made to the project will require re-passing the stage of approval of project documentation in the licensing authorities. Experienced specialists will go this way quickly. The necessary signatures and seals will consolidate the new agreements and allow the entire cycle of work to continue

Formation of the operational headquarters

There are cases that require quick intervention to prevent the disorganization of all processes. Crisis managers who have coped with such a challenge more than once can form an operational headquarters in the shortest possible time to solve the problems of an investment and construction project

Reconfiguring business processes

It will be an important task to re-establish the business processes of management, procurement and supply. Old connections often come to the rescue. However, it will be necessary to use both well-proven working methods and new non-standard solutions in the selection of contractors and performers

Conservation of works

It may be necessary to suspend work on any site or on the entire facility. It will be an urgent task to properly carry out the conservation of works at the facility in order to preserve what has been built until better times, to avoid losses and damage to building materials

Establishing relationships with contractors

In order to restart the work and open a second wind, the investment project will need to reconfigure interaction with suppliers and contractors. Disputes can be settled, damaged relationships should be restored. The interests of all parties will be taken into account, construction and installation work will resume

Valuation and cost calculation

In preparation for the restart of the project, it will be necessary to determine the cost of the actually completed and remaining construction and installation works. The accuracy of the calculations will allow you to properly repay debts to contractors and determine the amount of additional financing for the completion of the project


We know how to help you. The construction business is complicated, but people do it. We work with people, negotiate, convince, set tasks and check execution

A working team formed for quick solutions to get out of a difficult situation acts quickly and thoughtfully. Introductory materials are analyzed, proven solutions are selected, and the work of the entire team is coordinated daily

The most successful anti-crisis management practices, tailored to the unique requirements of each project, allow us to solve the problem in the most effective way

The cost of services

The cost of services is individual and depends on the following main factors:

  • the degree of responsibility of the project manager (the scope of organizational, managerial and control functions);
  • the stage of the project and the actual situation of the object's implementation (pre-design, design, construction);
  • scope and duration of the project;

To clarify the cost of the service, please fill out the feedback form here. Our specialist will contact you soon.