Design and estimate documentation is a standard package of documents necessary to justify the feasibility of your construction, reconstruction or major repairs, revealing its essence and allowing you to implement the project.

The outcome of all repair and construction activities depends on how well the design of the object is carried out.

The set of design and estimate documentation substantiates the expediency of carrying out construction activities, describes the possibilities of implementing the planned plans and fully reveals the essence of the project.

The order and stages of design

The technology according to which the design is carried out varies depending on the purpose of the object and its belonging to a certain category. The sequence of activities, however, almost always remains unchanged. The design process includes the stages:

  • collecting the necessary initial permits;
  • implementation of necessary engineering surveys at the facility;
  • formation of design and estimate documentation in order to obtain approvals and expert opinion

Initial authorization documentation

It combines all types of documents developed and prepared by specialists at any stage of design, up to the moment of obtaining permission to start construction activities. Design and construction in Moscow is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Urban Planning Code, as well as other regulations

Engineering surveys

Engineering surveys in construction are understood as a set of works aimed at obtaining the most complete and comprehensive information about the construction site. The data obtained during the survey is used in the future for the development of project documentation, and the presence of the conclusion of the specialists who conducted the survey is one of the conditions for obtaining a positive conclusion

Development of a planning and preliminary design

Every project starts with a layout and a sketch. It is a graphic demonstration of the idea proposed by the architect. Based on the layout and the finished draft design, it is possible to get a holistic view of the future object. In addition to the appearance of the object and its layout, the document includes a volumetric model of the future object, calculation of technical and economic indicators, and preparation of various schemes

Development of project documentation

The preparation of project documentation considers its main goal to identify the technical feasibility of the planned work. The main purpose of the development of project documentation is the maximum accessible and detailed description of engineering and construction works for contractors. On the basis of the project documentation, the technical task for construction is formed


It is important and necessary to calculate and economically justify the entire project, from architectural and planning solutions of the Customer's facility, to constructive, interior solutions, life support engineering systems, estimated cost and implementation dates.

Office Times: we do not draw - we design project documentation, model, invent, calculate.

How to order?

Design should be trusted only by the best professionals in the field, so as not to face an unpredictable result. Representatives of our company are ready to make the necessary calculations taking into account your requirements and wishes in record time.

Cost and timing of development

The cost of the project

In the process of forming design estimates, we identify the cost of the object, compile a cost summary for each of the processes that ensure the implementation of the project

Design deadlines

We draw up a roadmap and a calendar plan so that the customer understands the order of the necessary work and the required costs. We select the best options for the timely implementation of the project on time and on specified terms
Also, detailed working documentation is important for an adequate assessment of deadlines, since it allows you to calculate the time required for carrying out certain types of survey, construction and installation work.