The implementation of the idea, especially in relation to large projects, requires the participation of various specialists. In order for their actions to be undivided and lead to a single, desired result, a qualified manager should lead the process. Office Times performs the full range of project management functions to ensure that it is implemented according to plan and in an adequate time frame.

What does project management include?

  • Coordination of the process at all stages.
  • Control of the actions of each link – designers, architects, designers, builders, etc.
  • The organization of interaction between all participants – the landlord, lawyers, designers, designers, suppliers, performers – and the customer.
  • Preparation and control of the budget.
  • Competent solution of any issues – in a planned and unplanned manner.
  • Tracking the schedule of individual tasks and the project as a whole.
  • Risk management in order to optimize processes, etc.

The Office Times team takes over the management of projects of any scale, because they are absolutely confident in their own abilities, knowledge and competence. Our practical experience is more than enough to solve both typical and non-typical tasks. We have information about the specifics of each stage, whether it is the development of an idea, conducting an examination of the premises, design, construction work or anything else. We can objectively assess the situation and influence it.

The Office Times company adheres to the European approach. The priority is practical developments, not theoretical knowledge. That is why the implementation of a project of any scale under our control is proceeding according to plan. Each of our decisions is justified and rational, subordinated to a common algorithm and leads to a planned final goal.