Examination of commercial real estate objects

When it becomes necessary to choose a new office, the client, as a rule, is guided by general selection criteria, comparing office space options by location, area, and rental conditions. These parameters play a very important, but far from decisive role when choosing a new office. It is obvious that even the most demanding tenant finds it difficult to use a new office without some preparation.

Spontaneous resolution of issues related to the preparation and equipping of the office, especially if they arose after the conclusion of the lease agreement, can lead to a lot of trouble and unforeseen costs of financial and time resources of the company. The examination of commercial real estate allows you to make timely and informed decisions.

This is a detailed multidimensional analysis of the initial condition of the premises for compliance with the needs of the client and an assessment of the possibilities / limitations in the further implementation of the necessary solutions.

Comprehensive examination of commercial real estate includes:

Legal expertise

It involves an analysis of the landlord's documents (title deeds or based on a lease agreement), a legal assessment of the contract template and legal support in solving other issues. The participation of lawyers minimizes the risks of disputes and makes doing business more calm.

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Starting a new stage in business is never easy, especially when it comes to capital investments in long-term rental of commercial real estate. The Office Times experts will carry out the entire range of activities or conduct one of the examinations and provide you with a detailed report with recommendations. You will gain a significant competitive advantage in the market, be able to make an informed decision and conduct business not only with full confidence, but also with benefit.