Long–term judicial practice confirms that rental relationships in business are the most complex, potentially dangerous and confusing. Therefore, before renting a room for business purposes, it is worth conducting a professional legal examination.

A detailed analysis of the situation minimizes your risks as a tenant, prevents disputes and ensures the legitimacy of the relationship with the landlord during cooperation.

Legal expertise includes:

  • evaluation of the owner's title documents;
  • assessment of the rights to use the premises on a lease basis, if we are talking about a sublease agreement;
  • evaluation of the template of the future lease agreement for compliance with legal requirements and the interests of the client.

Based on the results of the examination, you will receive a detailed report with a transcript of each item and will be able to make an informed decision on the expediency of concluding such a lease agreement.

What risks does legal expertise eliminate?

During the rental relationship, the owner often has claims against the tenant. The problems affect the indexation of rent, compensation of utility bills, land fees, garbage collection or environmental pollution, and much more.

Another potential nuisance is sanctions from the inspection authorities, for example, due to non–compliance with fire safety in the rented premises. To prevent such scenarios, it is advisable not only to conduct a technical examination of square meters, but also to document the controversial points at the stage of choosing a room and negotiations under the supervision of an experienced lawyer. The legal expertise performed by the Office of the Times will save the entrepreneur from such legal risks.

According to Article 651 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a lease agreement concluded for a period of more than a year is subject to state registration. Otherwise, it is considered not concluded, which means that the parties risk falling under the sanctions. A qualified legal examination of a future transaction helps to avoid legal consequences.

The key to a successful transaction is a competent conclusion, execution and termination of lease relations from the point of view of legislation. To get a more complete picture, you can order a comprehensive examination, which additionally includes a technical and financial analysis of the object. Whichever option you choose, contact our experts to secure the deal and your project as a whole.