The functionality of an office space depends not only on planning solutions and zoning. No less important is the practical aspect – the correctness of the arrangement of communications. Engineering design becomes one of the basic preliminary stages of preparation for the operation of any facility – a stage that can only be trusted by professionals.

What does engineering design include?

The engineering project involves several technical sections covering such aspects of the functioning of the premises as:

  • water supply and sewerage;
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • power supply and lighting;
  • fire safety systems;
  • communication, video and security systems;

Communication systems are combined exactly according to this principle, because it allows one specialist to look at the project comprehensively and think through its implementation plan as effectively as possible. For example, in the case of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the expert takes into account the general situation in the office regarding air exchange and develops solutions in which these three components are optimally interconnected.

No matter what tasks you face – new construction, redevelopment or reconstruction of office space – you will not be able to fully solve them without the stage of engineering and architectural design.

Professional approach from the Office Times company

Office Times design engineers check and monitor the correctness of the development and execution of all sections of the engineering project. In some cases, we also involve other experts.

So, to develop the section "Power supply and lighting", we involve a professional in lighting calculations, as well as a specialist in occupational safety. The first one controls the compliance of design solutions, for example, the number of fixtures for each work area, with the standards. The second one evaluates the degree of illumination of individual areas in the suites and also makes adjustments if necessary.

The finished engineering project is approved by the customer and approved by the supervisory authorities. Competent preparation and compliance with all the requirements of building codes and regulations allows customers to go through this procedure without obstacles.

If you are interested in making the office not only beautiful, but also functional, so that engineering communications do not pose a danger and do not create force majeure situations, entrust this part of the project to professionals. An expert approach at the start will save you from many technical problems in the future.