A beautiful, functional office is not only the merit of design designers. The creation of a design project and its implementation is preceded by the serious work of architects and design engineers, who lay the foundation for the safe operation of premises and engineering communications. Office Times specialists have extensive experience in this field and are ready to take on this important preparatory stage.

What does architectural design include?

  • Creation of a common conceptual solution and individual planning schemes
  • Zoning of the space
  • The distribution of areas according to their functional purpose, taking into account the size of the room
  • Development of documentation for the implementation of the plan – working architectural and construction, spatial planning, technological, as well as sketches for them

Upon completion of the architectural design, the customer receives a complete set of working documentation for the start of construction and finishing works. The project contains all the necessary information, including technical calculations and lists of specifications for the integrated implementation of the idea. The materials are presented in a structured manner and as clear as possible for contractors. Focusing on them, you can develop a design and start work quickly.

Professional approach from the Office Times company

The main task of architectural design is to ensure the safety of office space operation. When performing load calculations and developing planning solutions, Office Times specialists focus exclusively on SNiPs and GOST standards.

Financial investments in its implementation also depend on the competent development of an architectural project. Our experts take into account all the nuances in their work, which allows designers and builders to avoid unnecessary costs, and the customer to optimize the estimate.

The work of architectural designers is not as noticeable as the designers who create aesthetics and harmony in the office. However, it is their professional skills and experience that make them

The timing of the development of an architectural project depends on the area of the room and the customer's readiness for dialogue. Most of the time is spent on creating a conceptual idea, planning solutions, zoning and coordination with the client. The preparation of working documentation based on the results of previous stages performed by professionals takes an average of one to two weeks