Why do we need economic expertise?

Author: Ekaterina Maksimova

Rubrics: Pre-feasibility consulting

– Why would I do an economic assessment?

– To understand whether to run the project at all!

Ideas need to be evaluated and weighed. The idea, which has been tested for common sense and resource costs, is ready for implementation. How can the practical and financial components of a good design be assessed? For this and there is economic s expertise. What is it and how is the expertise carried out in the Office Times company?

Пришла идея о переезде?

Harmony is checked by algebra, and the idea-by economic expertise

Estimate or budget?

Economic examination – is the determination of the cost of the idea you plan to implement. Simply put, the preliminary budget of the project is presented in the examination. Please note: the project budget and estimates are different things. Estimates are calculated only for one stage of the project, namely for construction. The budget covers all stages of the future project, it reflects the complex costs of the project: rent, design, construction.

Диаграмма структуры затрат

The approximate distribution of costs by project phases

What is included in the economic evaluation of the project?

Economic expertise gives us a complete financial picture, shows the price you will need to pay for the project. In the process, we analyze the upcoming costs and calculate the cost of each stage and each task of the project. What are the points of the structure of economic expertise?

Cost of rent Словарьсообщить об ошибке

We make an assessment of objects both on the current, and on new rent, including a rent for the room, annual indexation, payment of the Parking, utilities, deposits. That is, we consider all the financial costs that are spelled out in the contract.

If it is assumed that the construction will not be completed at the new location during the rental holidays, then the doubling of the lease is laid, that is, the payment of both the old office and the new one. Such cases happen if the office is made in the design of the Executive class and construction involves the use of specific finishing materials. Terms of their delivery increase the total period of the construction phase.


We bring standard office solutions to the customer's requirements

Design and development costs

Analyzing the current project of the new office, we understand whether there will be construction costs or not.

At the stage of selection of the room, I sometimes hear that it is being renovated, completely ready, so the need for a design project and construction work disappears. In such cases, we show the customer how the office will look like, where the departments are located, where there are tables and office equipment, where there are support services and facilities. So the customer can see and evaluate the complete picture of the workspace organization.

After showing a complete picture of the future office, almost always there are additional questions. For example: "Where is the office of the head of the Department?"or" why are lawyers in the common room?". And that's perfectly normal. Over 17 years of practice, I have never met a perfect match between the customer's requirements and rental offers. Each tenant has their own requirements for the premises, ideas about how the office should look and function.

Standard office solutions require further development to meet these individual requirements. It is necessary to build. Therefore the need for the design with subsequent implementation occurs in almost every customer. And the cost of these works is taken into account in the economic assessment.

The cost of construction

Based on the preliminary design plan, the construction budget is calculated. Our economic assessment of this process is as close as possible to reality – we do not take hypothetical figures, but real ones

Unexpected expenses

I have economic expertise count for unforeseen expenses.

Some aspects of construction remain hidden, you will not see them until you start working on the object. After all, reality is always different from the ideal plan.

For example, in the process of construction it turns out that the wall has developed its resource. It needs to be either repaired or changed. The cost of replacement is conditionally 10 thousand rubles. Check with the article of unforeseen expenses and see that it laid 50 thousand, so that the margin of safety is available. We are quietly doing the repair of the wall, while remaining within the budget.

In addition, in the course of work on the project, there are often situations when the customer wants to add something: change the finishing materials, buy furniture, make the workspace more functional. That's the difference between the plan and the reality I'm putting resources into.

Management costs

All costs incurred by the customer by contacting us, we reflect in the management costs.

Other items of expenditure

In the document with economic expertise there are sections that allow variability of filling. This is the cost of equipment for the new office, moving and related activities: the purchase of new furniture, network equipment, surveillance and security systems, office equipment, consumables, the cost of changing the legal entity and courier delivery, to change the postal address and tax details.

The customer can fill in these parts by himself or provide the necessary information to us. If the customer reports that he plans to buy, for example, furniture with our help, we ask the suppliers for commercial offers and make the cost in the examination.

Складываем общую картину

Properly built economic expertise gives a complete picture of the budget

In the conclusion

The result of our work is the budget of the project, taking into account the key factors of influence on it, with the calculation of current prices and real costs for all positions.

Economic expertise usually precedes pre-project consulting. This complex is enough to decide on the feasibility of the project, its viability and prospects.

The idea, proven by economic expertise, becomes a real plan of action.


The project budget is an economic assessment of the idea and the reality of its implementation

Ekaterina Maksimova