The functionality and security of the office space depend on the accuracy of the implementation of the conceptual solution at all stages. Proper zoning, creation of rational planning schemes, calculation of engineering communications – without all this, long-lasting and comfortable operation of the office is impossible. The Office Times team performs all architectural and engineering design work, which becomes a reliable foundation for the subsequent stages of the project.

The design of office space includes 2 areas

  • Architectural design in accordance with current SNIPS and GOST standards. The result is a set of working documentation for the start of construction, finishing and other works.
  • Engineering design involving the integrated development of sections of water supply and sewerage, electricity and lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fire safety, communication systems, video, etc.

We are also ready to assist in the approval of project documentation by the supervisory authorities.

Entrust the basic preparatory part of the project to our experts, and we, in turn, will make sure that the remaining stages pass without force majeure.