From technical expertise-to the reconstruction of the office!

Office Times has a new customer.

One of the world leaders in the field of vegetable processing asked us for help on the recommendation of the company with which we have already had experience of successful cooperation.

Our new client operates on more than 50 production sites around the world and bases its development on new technologies, innovations in the development of new products and unique knowledge in the field of vegetable processing.

One of the client's offices is located in Moscow. In connection with the need to move the technical expertise of the new premises needed.

The specialists of our company conducted a study of three proposed objects. During the examination, we studied the existing utilities, conducted a comparative analysis of the objects.

As a result, the customer opted for an office area of 1700 square meters, and we are pleased that as a result of the excellent work of our experts, the customer decided to continue working with us on this project.

Our new task is to manage the office renovation project.