Company ILE DE BEAUTE has moved to a new office

Company ILE DE BEAUTE has moved to a new office 

It was necessary to find a new office in connection with the expansion of the company and the Union of several offices in one which would be located near the metro. Also within one space, it was necessary to unite both the Central office and the training center which was separated from the main offices of the company before. 

Organization of space

The new office is located in the DOMINO business house on Pyatnitskaya street in Moscow on an area of 2600 sq.m. the Business center is located in the historical part of Moscow, and the building is characterized by the chamber and good insolation.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the building itself, non-standard planning solutions were required. The floor on which the office is located consists of two buildings connected by an Elevator hall.

The office itself is divided into two parts: representative – a Central reception area and management offices; and office space in the format of open space for employees. Workstations are equipped with noise-absorbing screens that perform the separation function. Each work unit is separated by small boxes-lockers, which not only zone the space but also serve as a place to store things of employees.

Special attention was paid to the comfort of workplaces.  Additional places for storage of documentation, meeting rooms, informal communication and recreation areas, made in the format of couches with high walls, were created.

The reception is not only the entrance area in the office but also reminds anyone that he was in the house of Beauty, as this space is exactly the same as the cash group of shops ILE DE BEAUTE.

The training area is equipped with mobile partitions, allowing to divide it into 2 separate spaces.

 Open ceiling communications, painted white, together with brick walls create a sense of loft space, and a large number of Windows gives good natural light.

The office has several meeting areas, coffee points and a kitchen where employees can have a snack and relax with a Cup of coffee.

Design idea

The reconstructions were in the history of the building, and this, of course, had to be taken into account when developing the project and working on it. Brick walls, metal, concrete floors, attic floor with high ceilings – all this influenced the overall appearance of the office interior, giving it a unique and different from other business centers layout.

Office space is made in loft style, where brick walls are successfully combined with open communications and light beige furniture solutions.

Paintings and photos with products and brand images are hung on the walls, where you can find full prints made in three colors – white, black and red, emphasizing the company's brand. Small icons on the walls serve as a navigation element and help employees find the right room.

Special attention should be paid to the area" Sephora cafe and Beauty bar", which is complemented by a summer terrace.

The idea of Beauty realization implied unusual design solutions, the embodiment of which became possible thanks to the creative and well-coordinated team work of architects, engineers and the customer. Finishing the ceiling and floor, the use of designer furniture made it possible to create comfortable areas for communication between employees and visitors, and gave a special zest to the new house of ILE DE BEAUTE.

Anastasia Kovanova, Head of administrative Department, ILE DE BEAUTE

We had the idea of moving to a new office for a long time. The challenge was, first, to find a location near the metro, and second, to combine the Central office, the training center and the recruitment Department, which all years have been divided for a number of reasons, to gather all under one roof.

We have invited consultants to bring the same concept to all of our requirements.For several months, they conducted meetings, research and staff interviews. The result of their work was the concept of the office, where it was clear how we need to plan the room, how many work areas it should be, meeting rooms, wardrobes, toilets, cafes and recreation areas, warehouses, so that everyone was comfortable to create Beauty. When we looked at the office on the Ordynka, immediately there was a feeling that this is the House ILE DE Bote that we were looking for.

The team of designers and architects Office Times emphasized the image of ILE DE BEAUTE, using original design and the company's brand in every corner of the new office.

The project turned out to be very fast, and, of course, in such a short time frame, it was important to gather a team of professionals who know their business, are able to respond quickly to changes, feel the market trends and customer expectations. And we did it!

Ekaterina Sarycheva

Designer and author of the project:

"Beauty lives here" - this is how the office of the company ILE DE BEAUTE positions itself.

In addition to creating a comfortable and functional office space, it was necessary to show that there are people who are directly related to the beauty industry. The combination of corporate elements and the introduction of original solutions for office design-such a task was faced by Office Times.

In this office there is a great place for communication – a cafe Sephora, which is designed in accordance with the corporate standards of the company SEPHORA (LVMH group). Only three colors in this room: white, black and red. We managed to implement a modern, comfortable office, taking into account all the needs of the customer – which is very important for the further development of the company. 

Nikolay Elagin

General Director Office Times

I want to say that it was an interesting and informative project that exceeded all our expectations thanks to the clear and coordinated work of the whole team and the trust of the customer.

The result is an unusual modern, bright office architecture and a warm atmosphere, most clearly emphasizing that Beauty is a way of life, and now it lives here.