Complex tasks – motivation to ambitious decisions

We are starting to Manage the project of moving the company "Vervag Pharma".

The company "Vervag Pharma" was founded by Dr. Fritz Vervag in 1971 in Germany. It specializes in the development of biofactors and is represented in more than 35 countries, including Germany, Russia, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Latin America.

This is an ambitious beautiful project with very tight deadlines. The more interesting the task for us!

We never give in to circumstances, no matter how difficult they may seem. There are only two months left before moving to the class a business center "Poklonka place" – but we believe that there is nothing impossible. Within a week we made project documentation. We managed to form a clear budget, avoiding financial risks. And, of course, we have created an excellent professional team for the project. In addition, our tasks include the development of interior solutions and architectural design.

The basic principles of the company "Vervag Pharma" – responsibility, efficiency, self-identification-closely overlap with ours. It's easy to identify with something you've brought your personal contribution to by working together with the rest of the team, with a sense of value and personal motivation.

We are convinced that we will do everything possible to cope with the tasks!