"Moving" project: how to calculate the real time?

Author: Elena Elagina

Rubrics: Project management

– I want to move into a new office. How long will it take?

What is more important for the success of the project – money or time? Finances determine opportunities, but time is the only non – renewable resource, so you have to deal with it as carefully as with a Bank account. And if you are visited by the idea of moving to a new office, one of the first conditions for success – the correct timing. How many weeks or months will it take from the first call to the broker to turn the key in the door of your new office?

Сколько времени займет переезд

A correctly calculated deadline is a prerequisite for a successful move to a new office

The key stages of the project

So, you need a new stylish and comfortable office. Let's approach this idea as a project: divide it into separate stages, then calculate how long it will take to implement each one. As a result, we will get the calculation of the real terms of the move. Assume that you want to move to an office of 1000 square meters.

Let's see what stages we have to go through:

  • A search of the premises.
  • Examination.
  • Negotiations and approvals.
  • Design and engineering.
  • Construction.
  • Moving .
Проект «Переезд»

Every project starts with planning

A search of the premises.

A search of the premises takes from 1.5 to 3 months. In this time period, all the main stages of the search fit :

  • preparation of technical specifications;
  • receipt and analysis of proposals;
  • inspection of objects;
  • communication with landlords;
  • the choice of the final variant.

What will help to reduce the search time?

  • Preparation of a clear task to find the object, with specific and adequate requirements. Thus, you will not waste time on obviously unsuitable objects.
  • Cooperation with the broker. As a rule, the broker has a ready-made current database of objects, and can choose the initial options for the task in one day.

Detailed task and cooperation with a good broker will help to reduce the search to the minimum time. You will be able to find the right area in 1000 sq m for 1.5 months.


Experts quickly analyze the information, so all the necessary steps to compile a summary report will take about 3 days. The whole range of activities – from visits to the object with photographic recording to correspondence with the technical specialists of the landlord – will take a minimum of time in a professional performance.

Negotiations and approvals

It usually takes at least one month from the receipt of the draft contract to its signing by both parties.

The duration of the approval stage determines the structure of approvals in the tenant company. The more steps the documents have to go through before signing, the longer the stage will take. The involvement of a specialized lawyer who specializes in lease contracts will help to reduce the time. He is confident in the subject, so his work is faster than that of a General lawyer.

Переговоры и согласования

The larger the company, the more time is required for approval.

Design, engineering and architectural design

In General, the time of development of a design project, engineering and architectural design depends on the area of the future office. With effective team work on the design of the office in 1000 square meters will take about one month for the design-2-3 weeks.

Why did I use the cautious expression "in General"? Because the timing of the design project is determined not only by the professionalism of the developers. Various approvals take a long time. At this stage, the customer's involvement is maximized, so it takes time to review, make edits and approve.

Is it possible to combine stages?

Some companies are looking for an opportunity to combine stages such as the negotiation of the lease and design. This is possible under two conditions.

  • You have money that you are willing to spend on design, engineering and architectural projects.
  • You have a clear confidence that you are renting exactly the specific office for which the project is being developed.

In my practice, there was a case when a client ordered the design and engineering of the office before the end of the approval stage. He signed a lease and a construction contract literally in one day. The construction started on the day of the rental holidays.

I think this is rather an exception, which confirms the General rule: each stage has its own time. Do not risk and spend money on design and engineering, if you have not signed the documents for the lease. Circumstances sometimes change very quickly.


It is more reasonable to start the design stage after signing the lease agreement


The construction phase for the office of 1000 square meters will last from 2 to 3 months.

Effective management, understanding of technologies, control of tasks and subtasks will help to optimize the terms. So with the proper organization of such an office can be built for 2 months or even earlier.

What affects the duration of the construction phase, in addition to effective management?

Contractor selection

If you as a customer have nominated contractors, you will not have to spend time searching for contractors.

If we choose a contractor according to the tender procedure, it is necessary to immediately determine its type.

There are several categories of contractors of construction works under the contract.

  • The first category employs workers and managers, and construction equipment is on the balance sheet. The services of such contractors are expensive, but they build quickly, work processes are managed and controlled.
  • The second category holds the core management staff and the core set of equipment. Such contractors shall, as necessary, engage subcontractors. They tend to have flexible prices with sufficient management efficiency.
  • The third category involves subcontractors for all works. Their prices are the most democratic.

To save time, I recommend immediately determine-what category of contractors you want to see on your construction site. And conduct a tender within the selected category.

Тендер подрядчиков

Immediately determine the category of contractor - it will shorten the tender period

Design and materials

If the future office is supposed to be in the Executive class, with expensive finishing materials, the construction time will be at least 3 months due to the increase in the delivery of materials. As a rule, for such designs, a part of the materials have to be ordered and waited for delivery from abroad.

If the project is made taking into account the availability of materials in warehouses, the construction time may be reduced. In one of our latest projects, we finished 1,700 square meters in 1.5 months. All materials were available, they immediately came to the place. Therefore, the duration of the project was minimal.


Moving the company from point " A "to point" B " takes 2-3 days. It is quite possible to move the office 1000 squares over the weekend. If you bought new furniture, and carry only office equipment and personal belongings of employees, it is possible to keep within one day.

Новый офис

Two days to move – and you are in the new office

How to calculate the project deadline?

The duration of the project" Moving " from the birth of the idea to the first working day in the new office depends on many factors. The size of the proposed office has a decisive influence on the timing. Look at the reference table below, it shows a good correlation between the timing of the move and the size of the space

Office size (sq m)

The project dates from the search space before moving (in months)

From 100 to 500


От 500 до 2000


From 3000 to 5000


More than 5000

from 10

Clear project planning, expert support and effective management at all stages will help to reduce the project time to the minimum possible.

Elena Elagina