Greening in the interior of the office

Author: Мария Головкова

Rubrics: Implementation phases of the project

Greening is a modern trend in the arrangement of offices and an element of concern for the health of their employees. But many of the leaders often find it too expensive and useless. We want to dispel this myth and give some recommendations that will help to save your budget and make the right choice.

All of us have long known about the positive effects of plants on humans. Green friends in the office is no exception. Green spaces not only create an aesthetic appearance, but also a healthy atmosphere in the office. The uniqueness of such offices is a special atmosphere that helps employees maintain a good mood, breathe cleaner and more humidified air. For management, in turn, there are undeniable advantages: employees get sick less, work better and more cheerfully, efficiency increases. There is also no need to install additional humidification systems.

For beauty and for... food!

You have to understand that not always more is better. Plants should fit harmoniously into the overall concept of office design. It is possible to use both landscaping throughout the office space, and point, organizing oases and green areas. The diversity of the modern landscaping market allows us to offer several options of phytodesign in the office for every taste and budget. Planters with flowers, vertical gardening in the form of phytosthenes from plants or moss, branding of the office with landscaping and organization of the office garden, which allows employees to use fresh-grown salads and herbs every day, as well as the organization of green columns of ampel plants and florariums.

Растения должны гармонично вписываться

Owners of premises and large tenants apply for the service of phytodesign and landscaping, as it is status, useful and environmentally friendly. Offices simply filled with furniture and office equipment go into the past. Professional landscapers will always be able to offer a solution that meets the requirements and budget of a particular company.

Expectations VS reality

I would like to dwell on the issue of choosing a provider of gardening services. The customer, who does not have an expert assessment in greening, often does not understand the selection criteria and focuses only on the cost, not understanding what is behind the figures. We advise you to pay attention to the completeness of information when considering proposals from the provider (plant size, selection of pots), the variety of proposals, the availability of analysis of the current premises and the resulting recommendations, the ability to fix on the object of one permanent agronomist for plant care.

Выбор поставщика важный и сложный процесс

At the stage of implementation of greening, pay attention not only to the quality of the plants (they must be healthy, without stains, have a great strong look), but also the size of the plants. It is necessary to discuss this issue with a specialist in advance. There are situations: beautiful plants painted in the picture, all lush and green. And when the implementation of this phytodesign begins, they plant very young plants which do not have the volume that the customer expected. And assurances that in three months they will grow and will be beautiful, little comfort, because it's not the fact that in three months it will be so. Some plants will probably die and so on...

Green patrol

It is also worth assessing the cost of further care. Choose plants and types of landscaping is depending on plans for further maintenance. All companies are divided into those who believe that they themselves can provide care for plants (and they have their own resource for this) and those who prefer to trust the professionals by signing a contract for plant maintenance. In the first case, when choosing plants should be discussed with agronomists all: the frequency of watering, feeding, crown formation.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the usual lover of flowers will not be able to keep the plants in perfect condition, missing pests, disease or unable to cope with the formation of a growing plant. In the second case, your green friends will be taken care of by experienced agronomists with special education, who will water them, fertilize, remove dust and RUB to Shine, fight diseases and pests. If you have entered into a service contract with a guarantee, in case of death of the plant or loss of beautiful appearance, they are to be replaced by a similar plant free of charge. If you care for the plants yourself, you will have to spend money to replace the plant.


It's important!

  • Pay attention also to the number of plants. It is good when there are many plants, but not always useful for the plants themselves. They should stand at such a distance that they do not injure each other by touching the leaves.
  • Plants should be not just beautiful, large or expensive, but also hardy and unpretentious, so you can save your budget in the future, and not change the plant, which could not survive in the conditions of your office.
  • When choosing plants in work areas, meeting rooms, recreation areas, you should opt for non-flowering plants to avoid allergies to pollen in employees and visitors.


Lots of greenery, good and different

In addition to the well-known types of landscaping, such as plants in pots, there are more interesting and unusual types of landscaping that will make your office more attractive and comfortable. Let us dwell on some of them in more detail:

The wall of stabilized moss is not a novelty, you are probably familiar with such products. This design is very interesting, is the delight of all who come to your room. Moss is real, impregnated with a special solution that allows it to look pristine for about 5 years, and does not require maintenance and care, which will be a big plus and save your money. With the help of moss, you can solve the issues of branding, zoning, creating decorative elements.Vertical gardening of living plants-an interesting solution, but already requires compliance with more conditions.

Огород в офисе

Novelty on the market, implemented in the office of the company Bonduel-vegetable garden with green salads and herbs. The garden is always maintained in its original form, so that employees have the opportunity to eat vitamins from the garden every day. No chemicals are used in the cultivation. Beautiful and well-groomed appearance is preserved only through hard work and professional care.

And finally...

In such an important issue as gardening, we advise you to pay attention to companies that have in the state not only agronomists and managers, but also architects, designers, planners and builders. Thus, you can not only get plants in the office, but also take into account the phytodesign at the initial stage, and make everything as "turnkey" as possible with one team, creating functionality, comfort, harmony and fresh mood in your space.

If you follow our recommendations, then you will definitely get to achieve a beautiful interior, and quality plants while maintaining the budget of your company.

We hope that our recommendations were useful for you and you will definitely take them into account when choosing and organizing your space.