Case: «The Office Of Yandex.Money»

Author: Nikolay Elagin

Rubrics: Projects

– How to meet the deadlines of the project with a large number of different contractors?

– Invite the management company and create a single project schedule.

If I chose the slogan of the project for the company "Yandex.Money", I would choose the words: "Effective management communication". Today's case on how to perform the task at 100%, even with a large number of project participants.

Офис «Яндекс.Деньги»

Office of " Yandex.Money», Moscow

Getting started and the main feature of the project

«Yandex.Money " became the most popular e-money service in our country in 2017. The company's offices are located in several cities. In 2018, the Office Times company received an invitation to manage the project for the repair and arrangement of the new Yandex office.Money" in Moscow.

Before the start of construction, the customer independently held a tender for all project participants. A total of 13 large contractors were employed in the project, not counting suppliers and small contractors.

When the implementation phase began, the customer was faced with inconsistency of actions of the participants due to the lack of common communication between them.

Only the periods of work of a contractor were indicated in the project. For example-two months to perform the entire scope of work. But there was no sequence of tasks.

Electricians do one thing, low other one, experts by floors can't coordinate the work with someone who makes ventilation. Everyone has his own contract, and everyone is right.

Naturally, the effectiveness of work in such conditions is out of the question. The customer came to us in search of a solution.

Офис компании «Яндекс.Деньги»

Office of " Yandex.Money.» Recreation area

How to solve the problem

Our task was to ensure consistent and orderly project and process management.

We interviewed each of the key contractors, reviewed the project documentation, all contracts and agreements. Then we built a sequence of steps. The result was an overall agreed schedule.

Not everyone was ready to obey at once, but we found arguments for everyone. As a result, all the performers were included in a single schedule, each received the designated deadlines and boundaries.

The progress of the project

Good planning is just the beginning. Control and coordination of all the efforts of the participants have become important tools for us. We have determined the sequence of works for each site. All contractors knew their deadlines, which, on the one hand, fully complied with the contracts, and on the other – allowed to perform tasks on a single agreed schedule.

We warned each contractor in advance about its schedule, agreed on the number of people and equipment at the facility, and other operating parameters.

When we indicated to everyone who and for whom starts the work on the project went without delay. All operated effectively, but without the risks and hassle. No rush,no deadline. If there was an emergency situation, we have solved them promptly, keeping work progress on schedule.

Офис «Яндекс.Деньги»

Office of " Yandex.Money.» Hall

Work with customers

Another important feature of the project is active interaction with the customer. Once a week he came to the General meeting. In this project, we first practiced a regime of constant information. In the General chat of the project, the customer saw all the correspondence on the process and promptly responded to requests. This format provided the maximum effectiveness of feedback.

The customer acted as a supplier. He independently bought the majority of materials on the project, faience, furniture, doors. We were told only the delivery time, the data of machines with materials, and we organized the acceptance and further work. It was a useful and positive experience of active project cooperation.

Evaluation and overall conclusion of the work

Two months were allocated for the implementation of the project, and we completed everything on time.

The customer highly appreciated our work.

«Office Times completed the work on time and showed high quality of work" - quote from the recommendation letter.

Effective project management – one of our strengths, and it was fully in demand in this project.