Where beauty lives: "Office for Ile de Beaute"

Author: Елена Владимирова

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– Who found and decorated this office for you?

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Each project leaves a lot of impressions. Work on the office for the company "Ile de Beaute" is remembered with pleasure. The project turned out to be beautiful in every sense, so we feel a legitimate sense of pride.

Офис для «Иль де Ботэ»

Office area of 2462 meters for the company " Ile de Beaute – - a bright project

About company "Ile de Beaute»

"Ile de Bote" is known in the Russian market since 2010. For 8 years it confidently took a place in the leading three retailers specializing in cosmetics and perfumery. In Russia there are 129 stores of this network. The company has many awards and prizes, and the subject of its pride is the premium quality of service and an impressive range of tens of thousands of items of beauty products.


It is not easy to please the customer with such taste. We did it

The specifics and peculiarities of the project

Working with market leaders is always interesting, although not always easy. The specificity of" Ile de Beaute " was that we, in fact, needed to do the impossible. It was necessary to find and equip such office which ideally coincided with requirements of the customer on infrastructure, comfort of placement and functionality of the space.

How it started

We received a request to search the premises. It was immediately stated that the customer needs a special office. The difficulty was the need to place in one place many functional departments, and besides to do it with maximum comfort and taking into account a set of corporate requirements.

In addition to the standard working space, a warehouse, a large client area, many meeting rooms and conference rooms were required. The back office, as well as the dressing room, photo Studio, food area had to be conveniently located. The office had to be located near the metro, have a sufficient Parking area.


"100 % comfort and beauty" - work on this project was carried out under this motto

To begin with, we outlined the geographical area of interests of the customer and identified several premises that were conditionally suitable for the requirements. When we went to the site, we carried out preliminary monitoring, assessing the surrounding infrastructure and the compliance of the external parameters of the building with the existing requirements. At the second stage, we assessed how suitable the proposed premises are in terms of comfort and functionality.

In the end, we have two options left. One option seemed more economical, the other more promising in terms of accommodation and facilities.

The real work on the project began with the choice of the best option.

14 tasks

We solved 14 problems during the project.

  1. Technical expertise.
  2. Economic expertise.
  3. Legal expertise.
  4. Design concept development.
  5. Preparation of design project.
  6. Office branding.
  7. Preparation of a full package of documentation.
  8. Monitoring the progress of construction from the position of the customer's representative.
  9. Office navigation.
  10. Tender for furniture with test drive.
  11. Preparing to move.
  12. Moving: organization, delivery, assembly of furniture.
  13. Design and installation of it infrastructure.
  14. Office phytodesign.

The key stages of the project included a set of tasks, the implementation of which I will comment further.

Переговорная «Камелия»

Meeting rooms are named after flowers

Stage of expertise

For a reasonable selection of the object we conducted a comprehensive technical and economic examination. I will focus in detail on the aspect that I consider important for any project – on the exact calculation of the cost of the object for the tenant. We take into account not only the rent, but also the cost of Parking, construction, operating costs and a number of other parameters.

In the Ile de Beaute project, the initial difference between the two sites was quite significant. The results of calculations according to our method showed that the financial discrepancy between the objects in reality is much smaller. After all the calculations and examinations, the amount of overpayment was almost three times lower due to the reduction of costs for Parking, construction, operation.

When comparing the fees for the entire rental period, the difference between the two objects was, relatively speaking, 100 units, after a detailed economic examination, the real difference was only 35 units.

A legal expertise was followed by on. We held all negotiations with landlords, leading them to a logical conclusion in the form of a ready contract, which completely satisfied the customer.

In one of the previous articles I wrote that I have never seen the coincidence of the wishes of the tenant and the reality of the landlord. But there are exceptions to every rule. "Ile de Beaute" - the only case where the selected premises 100% came under the concept of the customer's business.

Design and branding

One of the highlights of the office "Ile de Beaute" – the original decoration. Posters and posters on the walls and even office navigation are unique and designed exclusively for this project.

Office branding is organically integrated into the overall design concept proposed by us.

Оформление стены

Posters and other design elements are exclusive and unique

Full package of working documentation

A stylish concept is great, but we are not limited to sketches and always bring ideas to the implementation stage. In order to implement them, we have prepared a full package of working documentation for the project. It belongs to the contract and is a weighty volume. Its thickness is 1000 A4 sheets. Only reading and signing of documents by the customer took two days.

This volume of working documentation has made the project as transparent, manageable and accountable as possible. The customer received for rent the option that was designed according to his requirements.

Рабочая офисная зона

The Union of beauty and functionality creates perfection


A preliminary assessment and examination prepared by us has saved the customer at the construction site a considerable amount

The construction was carried out by the landlord, our task was to observe from the position of the customer's representative. As a result, we have developed a constructive working relationship, especially when contractors are convinced that we see our task in the organization of assistance, not interference in the work.

Tender for furniture

Properly selected furniture has completed the stylish look of the office . We prepared and conducted a tender in which 15 companies participated. The test drive of furniture organized by us helped to consider wishes of the customer as much as possible. Employees tested furniture from suppliers and expressed their opinion. As a result, those samples were selected that gained the majority of votes in a kind of "competition of audience sympathy". So we continued to implement the strategy of maximum comfort of the future office, which was originally planned by the customer.

Мебель в офисной зоне

All systems are ready-office is waiting for employees

Ready IT infrastructure

Established the IT structure required to complete the work of the modern office. We have installed and connected all office equipment - from computers in the workplace to projectors in the meeting rooms. Our experts have designed the infrastructure of local networks, installed the necessary SOFTWARE, tested and even partially modified it. We worked in contact with the IT Department of the head office in France.

Preparation and relocation

The move was preceded by serious preparation. We have developed a navigation brochure describing the location, structure and infrastructure of the office. Scrolling through the prepared booklet, each employee knew where to print the document, drink a cup of coffee, freshen up, how and where to find colleagues and support services.

Taking into account the active work of the company with customers from different regions, we have added to the brochure a detailed description of the surrounding infrastructure and attractions, calculated and described the routes to the airport, train station.

When everything was ready, we organized and carried out the relocation of the company. So the employees just had to come to the new address and get to work.

Рабочая зона

Employees can only unpack personal belongings

The result

As a result, the company received an office area of 2462 square meters. It is conveniently located:

  • working office area;
  • back office;
  • dressing room and hair salon;
  • photo Studio;
  • specially designed client area: meeting rooms of different formats, conference hall, informal communication areas;
  • recreation area;
  • a café with a summer terrace.

КThe company uses a large Parking lot and a separate entrance, which is adjacent to a landscaped area with landscaping.

We have something to be proud of. We found a room, signed a contract, prepared the most complete package of documentation, issued, connected and transported the office-and all this in full accordance with the plans, deadlines and budget. As a result of the successful solution of these problems, the customer received exactly what he wants. I think this project is close to my understanding of the ideal result.

Nikolay Elagin