According to the legislation, all design changes in office premises must be approved by the supervisory authorities. In relation to the tenant of the premises, we can talk about both external and internal coordination.

Coordination of project documentation in external bodies

Approval of changes in the project documentation in external bodies is necessary for tenants only if such a requirement is put forward by the landlord (owner of the premises) and is prescribed in the lease agreement. In this case, the tenant will have to go through a complex and lengthy procedure in such structures as:

  • Rostekhkadaster, where changes from previously agreed technical plans are coordinated.
  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations, where fire systems and fire safety conditions are checked for compliance of premises with established requirements.

How is the approval process in external bodies

The procedure begins with the collection of a set of documents and requires the joint efforts of the tenant and the landlord. Under the supervision of Office Times experts, this stage can be overcome in a short time.

The prepared documents are submitted to the supervisory authority, where they are checked within the prescribed period. The tenant receives an extract on the successful approval and modification of the Rostekhkadaster or a conclusion indicating errors or missing items in the package of documents. In the latter case, a repeat procedure is required. Similar steps will have to be taken when contacting the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The role of Office Times specialists in this process

  • Our specialists undertake the preparation of a package of documents and communication with the landlord in order to make it as easy as possible for the client to put the updated facility into operation.
  • The Office Times company solves this problem independently, without involving third parties. This simplifies the interaction of the parties and speeds up the process.
  • Experts are well acquainted with the pitfalls that are possible when contacting supervisory authorities, and are able to act competently in force majeure situations.

The approval of documents in external supervisory authorities sometimes takes more than a year. To solve these issues, it is more correct to use the service of experts and protect the project from time and financial losses.

Coordination in internal bodies

Prior to the start of construction and installation work, the tenant must coordinate any changes in the design documentation with the landlord (building owner) or his representative. The latter may be a management or operating company. Absolutely everything must be brought to the attention of the second party, whether it is serious redevelopment, replacement of the switch or repainting of the walls. The information is provided in graphical form and in another agreed form.

The role of Office Times specialists in coordinating documentation in internal bodies

  • Office Times specialists take over communication with the landlord or a trusted organization in order to simplify the approval procedure as much as possible.
  • As part of the lease audit, we study the rights and obligations of the parties, which allows us to reach successful agreements and make it easier for the client to reconstruct the office.

Often, such work is performed within the framework of a contract for the performance of Technical customer services in a construction project, and Office Times specialists help to go through all the stages from beginning to end and avoid downtime and legal delays.