Construction and installation or engineering work performed in bad faith in the office can subsequently lead to alterations, and this will increase costs. To prevent this from happening, construction control is required at each stage of the work (previously, technical supervision). This is a set of measures aimed at strict compliance of the work carried out with construction technologies.

What does the construction control by Office Times specialists include?:

  • Analysis of the work for compliance with the terms of the contract.
  • Monitoring compliance with deadlines at different stages and in general.
  • Control of targeted budget spending.
  • Control of compliance with technological and regulatory requirements when performing preparatory and basic work.

The procedure is performed by an independent expert from the Office of the Times, acting as a third party between the customer and the contractor. The customer can be either a tenant of the premises or a landlord who has decided to control construction and engineering work.

At the initial stage, the specialist examines the contractual documentation for obligations and responsibilities between the contractor and the customer, as well as design documentation regarding construction and finishing materials, engineering equipment.

The specialist will check the correctness of the work performed by the contractor in order to further prevent technical problems at the facility and possible claims. The thoughtful approach of an expert will help you reduce costs and protect yourself from unqualified performers.

Having full information about the project, experts "join" the process, are on site every day and take control of absolutely all working moments.

If you want to get additional guarantees of the contractor's compliance with deadlines, building codes and regulations, as well as optimize budget spending, it makes sense to involve third-party specialists. The Office Times experts will monitor and document each stage, provide reports and save you from unnecessary risks. In addition, construction control can be carried out by our specialists as an integral part of contract work within the framework of the Technical Customer's service.