Office Times creates a style for the headquarters of the company ILE DE BEAUTE in "Delovoy Dom Domino" in Zamoskvorechye.


Company ILE DE BEAUTE has signed a contract with KR Properties company for lease of space in the club business center Domino to accommodate its Central office. Total area of rent was 2 760 square meters, the contract period of 5 years. The company plans to move by the end of 2016.


"Business house Domino" is a group of business centers of club type A-class Limited Edition, implemented by the KR Properties company in Central locations in Moscow. 


Elagin Nicholay: "We, as a company, which created a style and the viability of a new office ILE DE BEAUTE, chose and praised the facilities of the business center "Delovoy Dom Domino" from technical and architectural sides. I would like to note that the unusual modern architecture and warm atmosphere, most clearly emphasize that Beauty is a way of life, and now It lives here.


According to the company, ILM Alexander Gurganov: "the Choice of the new office was due to the special spirit of Zamoskvorechye, combining features of historical and cultural heritage with a lively atmosphere, convenient location of the complex in relation to several metro stations, architectural features of the building, emphasizing the individuality of the Tenant, and professionalism of the Landlord".


Maksim Beletsky, Director of the rental Department of the company KR Properties commented on the deal: "project A-classLimitedEdition we really created some unique concepts of club business centers with a clear positioning for the needs of companies, which on the one hand important location and class of the object, and the other requires a certain privacy and exclusivity. Company ILE DE BEAUTE knows what style and beauty mean and we are really excited that Domino concept was appreciated by this company."